Ray Key Bursary Award

We are launching the Ray Key Bursary Award as a new initiative in memory of Ray. The award will be open to all ages and its intended purpose is to provide an extended package of training and support for turners who have been identified as budding prodigies, standing out from the crowd in some way or showing great promise. The support could take the form of training, mentoring or other support tailored to the individual. Each award is up to £750 but this could be extended if the reviewing panel decided it was justified.

We anticipate the selection process to be stringent (we’re not going to give away that amount of money unless we’re satisfied it’s justified!) and each application would need two referees/sponsors to support it. We would also expect any successful applicant to agree to a plan to carry out the objectives of the award and to report back at agreed intervals. The money would be paid direct to the training provider / mentor as services were provided.

Our aim is to give a boost to those identified as worthy on their journey to excellence as a turner. We hope this programme will help create a few more turners who would be seen at shows, demonstrations etc. and we’re looking forward to seeing how the scheme develops.

More details can be found here