Insurance Scheme – Summary of Cover for Affiliated Branches

Public/Products Liability

The following cover is provided free of charge to all Affiliated Branches of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

Cover: Public and Products Liability including:

  • Member to Member liability
  • Demonstrations
  • Tuition
  • Exhibitions
  • Damage to rented or hired premise

Limit: £5,000,000.

Excluding cover for communicable disease with the exception of food poisoning and Legionnaires’ disease.

Additional cover

Branches may, if they wish, take out additional cover to cover the cost of tools, equipment and work.
Machinery and equipment owned by the insured at the insured’s premises/workshop/designated member’s premises or anywhere within the territorial limits including whilst in transit:

Minimum sum insured £12,000 = £65 per annum,
For sums over £12,000 contact Zurich Insurance for a quote.
Value of machinery cover is based upon New for Old and the sum insured should reflect the full replacement value of the equipment etc.

The above is a brief synopsis of the scheme negotiated for affiliated or associated clubs of the AWGB. For further information, contact Zurich Insurance

0800 917 9420

and for new clubs –

Zurich will contact you directly at renewal. Your club should settle the premium for the Public Liability and any Contents Insurance. After confirmation of receipt by Zurich the association will reimburse the premium for the Public Liability.

Members Insurance

Branch and Club insurance covers Branch and Club members engaged in the Branch and Club activities.  The policy does not provide cover for individuals.  Individuals should make their own arrangements.  We are aware that many of our members use Ian W Wallace Ltd:

Ian W Wallace Ltd
PO Box 5063,
Verwood, Dorset BH31 6WB
Telephone: 0800 919359