Using Zoom to Retain Members

Some clubs are concerned that they will lose members due to them getting out of the habit of attending meetings or because the members are not yet ready to return due to health concerns.

Some clubs are already using Zoom to hold meetings, demonstrations and other club events while they are unable to meet and this has been seen by many as a way to keep in contact with members and to keep the core of the club going even when physical meetings are not possible. Even small clubs have been able to make use of Zoom and other online meetings by cooperating to share demonstration costs and facilities.

Perhaps one of the most important factors in retaining members is to keep them engaged and to keep in touch with them. Using Zoom is only one part of doing this. Other social media platforms can be used and they are discussed on the Interactive groups page.

The online meetings also have the added benefit of removing distance as an obstacle and some clubs have made provision for online members who may live too far away to attend ordinary club meetings. Now some clubs are extending their membership to include online members, they are making provision for streaming club events when they do start to meet again. This could benefit the club and allow any member who can’t attend to participate remotely.