Member Training Workshops

AWGB members can apply for a workshop which has been pre-arranged or to request a workshop on a specific subject. We try to offer a varied programme but if a topic is suggested and there is enough interest in a region then the Association will try to organise a suitable workshop.

Workshops are usually presented by professional woodturners. There will be no fixed charge but members are encouraged to make a voluntary donation to the development fund which goes towards putting on more workshops.

Every AWGB member may apply for training, and every effort is made to accommodate your requirements within the budget available.

To apply please complete the ‘Training Workshop Application‘ Web Form or alternatively click here to get an application form and send it by post to the co-ordinator address shown on the form.

DateTopic / TechniqueTutorVenue
12th October 2019Beginners - Back to BasicsMick HanburyNewark, Notts
13th October 2019Beginners - Back to BasicsMick HanburyNewark, Notts
19th October 2019Intermediate Decorated BowlMary AshtonMary Ashtons Workshop
16th November 2019Intermediate Lidded Box with TexturingRoger GubbinNorth Cornwall Woodturners
Penlaurel PL15 8SD
28 th February 2020 Advanced - Turn a box with Thread ChaseGary RanceWendover, Bucks.
13th June 2020Intermediate/advanced Make a small hatAndrew HallBilly Row, Crook.
26 th June 2020 Beginner - Spindle & Faceplate Techniques Gary RanceWendover, Bucks
28 th August 2020Intermediate - Spindle & Faceplate – Candle from PatterGary RanceWendover Bucks

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