Len Grantham RIP

It is sad to report that Len Grantham who was a member of the AWGB (in fact he was member number 3) has recently passed away on the 25th February 2024 aged 94 years.

He was an active member of the Association working on the committee, and demonstrating at seminars,

I also believe he was the treasurer for many years, here is a profile picture from Issue 2 of Revolutions

Members profile for this issue goes to our Treasurer  Len Grantham, living as he does ln Scotland, Len seems to have acquired the Scots tendency not to be wasteful with anything, including words below is his complete submission –

Len Grantham is a qualified engineer ln full time employment with the Civil Service.

Our Treasurer, Len. took up woodturning as a hobby in 1973 using a home-made lathe. Having progressed through all the usual stages of egg cups, serviette rings, pepper mills, table lamps, bowls etc., he began making lace bobbins for his wife and friends and now tends to concentrate on these and boxes. He has had a couple of week-end courses but admits to being mainly self taught, Len says that for him woodturning ls a pure hobby from which he derives many hours of pleasure rather than wealth and ls content to earn enough to enable him to buy sufficient tools and Materials to carry on.”

He continued with his wood turning for many years but eventually had to give up about 10 years ago to look after his beloved wife.

Our condolences go out to his Daughter Kim and all his family and Friends.

Russell Gibbs