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Training events and courses

The Art of Wellness

We were sent some information about a free online course. Some of you may find parts of it of interest.

In “The Art of Wellness” students will learn how visual art practices are used in expressive therapies, community healthcare initiatives, and enhancing community health benefits. Central to the learning are many hands-on visual arts activities aimed at introducing the key principles of visual arts based practices in healthcare. The short course takes students around 6 hours to complete.

The link to the free course is:

First Overseas Approved Tutor

Since the launch of the “Lets Teach Turning” training package, it has reached many far away places.

On the 10th November we had our first overseas member to attain the Tutor badge. Lodovico Grippa from Milano, Italy flew from Milan to Bristol for his Tutor Assessment. The assessment took place at the Max Cary Trust in Portishead, Bristol with Stuart Bradfield assessing.

Lodovico instructing his “pupil” during the assessment.

We are very pleased to say Lodovico passed the assessment and should receive his badge and certificate by post shortly.

We all know that there are a number of associations that use our course as a basis, but it is a first for an overseas member to travel for assessment.

Approved Instructor Assessments

The AWGB is looking to hold Tutor Assessment days in the Kent, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cornwall and Southwest Devon areas and in Scotland. If there are any members who would like to be assessed after completing the ‘Let’s Teach Turning’ course, who live within reach of those areas please complete an application form.
If you are not in one of these areas, you can still submit an application form and if enough applicants are found in your area, a course will be run.

Eastern Intermediate Workshop

Intermediate training workshop

Paul Howard and Brian Partridge ran a workshop for six intermediate turners on Thursday 9th July in the Eastern region. Three subjects were covered, hollow forms, off centre and barleytwist.  Although it was a very busy day everyone seemed to really enjoy it and learned a lot. Paul allowed us to use his workshop and supplied 6 lathes, many thanks to Paul.

Instructor Assessment Pilot Day

The first pilot of the instructor assessment took place at the Max Carey Trust in Portishead on Sunday 5th of July. Congratulations to Stuart Bradfield, Paul Hannaby, Brian Hensby, John Montgomery, John Ruffle and Dave Willcocks on successfully completing the assessment. All these are now AWGB approved tutors. The assessment process is still evolving but we are one step closer to rolling out the scheme for assessment of members wishing to be approved as instructors.
Thanks to those at the Max Carey Trust for their hospitality and the use of their facilities and thanks also to Heather Hensby, Sue Nice and Jeff Belcher for volunteering to be students for the day.