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Request for Applications

For 2017, The Turners’ Company is offering one or more Bursaries, worth up to a combined value of £10,000, to assist talented woodturners to develop their craft skills and to move to a higher level of achievement. The awards are open to UK resident turners whose work is well regarded by their peers and who can put forward a clear plan of how the award will advance their work, expand the boundaries of the craft of turning and raise the profile of the craft. There is no upper age limit.

 What are Turners’ Company Bursaries awarded for?

  • To fund further study, research or training and practical experience for craftsmen and women, who want to improve their craft and trade skills.
  • Bursaries may not, normally, be used for premises or other business set-up costs.
  • Bursaries may be used for acquiring specialist equipment, provided it is part of the whole request.

 What are we looking for?  

  • Well thought out proposals which will contribute to the excellence of our craft in general.
  • On the submission you need to explain clearly why your proposals will improve your skills and what you expect to achieve as a result. You may have assistance in writing your submission.
  • You also need to give a reasonably accurate estimate of the full cost of your proposals.

Who can apply? 

  • You must be 18 or over to apply, but there is no upper age limit.
  • You need to demonstrate an ambition and commitment to develop your skills to a higher level within the craft and that you are firmly committed to the craft of woodturning.
  • Only those who live and work permanently in the UK are eligible for the award of a Bursary.
  • The Bursary is available to all Turners; amateur and professional.

The Application Submission

The entry form should include the names of two referees (who should be members of the Turners’ Company, the RPT, AWGB, SOT or APTGW) and must be accompanied by:

  • A short curriculum vitae.
  • One or more photographs of turned items made by you, with descriptions of the production methods and materials you employed;
  • A written proposal outlining your aspirations and an outline plan of what you want to achieve from a Bursary (techniques; skills; training; equipment; new products).
  • A costed action plan showing how you intend to use the Bursary money.

What next?

All Submissions will be carefully read and appraised, and if your submission captures the attention of the Turners’ Company Bursary awards committee you, and others selected, will be invited to attend an interview. The interviews are usually held in London. Those selected for interview will be sent further details of the award process. They will receive reimbursement of their documented travel expenses.

The Interview.

At the interview you will be asked to make a short presentation in support of your proposal. You will be expected to show relevant samples of your work, to highlight what you would like to achieve should you be given the opportunity of funding and generally display a passion for your craft. Applicants will have already been turning for some time and will, therefore, be able to demonstrate a reasonably advanced level of skill.

The decision of the Bursary Committee will be final.  In the event that it finds more than one candidate of outstanding ability, the Bursary may be divided among them or, if there is no suitable candidate, the award will be held over.

The timetable

Applications must be received by the Turners’ Company Clerk before 15th May 2017.

Those invited for interview will be notified during the week beginning 5th June 2017.    Interviews can be expected to commence shortly after this date.

Details of those selected to receive awards will be published during July 2017.

The Application Form

Application forms are available on the Turners’ Company website:

 or by request to the Clerk of the Turners’ Company at the address below.  Forms may also be available from the Secretary of your Turning Club.

Queries or Clarification

Queries about any aspects of the Turners Company Bursary 2017 should be addressed to the Chairman of the Turners Company Howe Committee, Peter Gibson.

The Worshipful Company of Turners

Skinners Hall

8 Dowgate Hill

London      EC4R 2SP

Travelling Exhibition 2017 – 2018 Competition

AWGB exhibition pieces

Every Seminar we select between 50 and 60 pieces to take around the UK as part of our travelling exhibition. We keep the pieces for two years and in the past they have been returned in August before the Seminar. The current pieces go back in 2017 and as the next Seminar is 2018 we need to replenish the exhibition.

We are holding a competition. It is open to any woodturner in the UK whether they are AWGB members or not. There isn’t a theme – we just want you to send us some photos of your best pieces of work from which we will make a selection of the best 60 pieces. We will arrange with you for these pieces to be sent to Woodworks at Daventry where Ray Key and Reg Hawthorne will judge the top three and we will award prizes for 1st of £175, 2nd of £150 and 3rd of £125.

The rules are simple:

  1. You may enter up to three pieces
  2. You must submit three high quality images per entry by email to
  3. Images may be sent on multiple emails if necessary; each email will be acknowledged.
  4. Images must be submitted no later than Friday 10 March.
  5. The images must show side view, top view and underneath view (or an “interesting angle”).
  6. At least one of the images must contain a ruler so we can judge the size of the piece.
  7. Your email should describe the piece including details of the timber used in no more than 50 words.
  8. You must agree that if chosen, we can retain the piece(s) until October 2018.
  9. You must indicate whether you are prepared to sell the piece.
  10. You must provide a sale price even if it isn’t for sale for insurance purposes. We insure the pieces for 60% of their sale value.
  11. If we sell one of your pieces we take 10% commission plus VAT.

We’ll discuss packaging etc. with you if your piece is selected.

That’s all, get making! We’re looking forward to seeing your entries.

30th Anniversary Birthday Bash

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the creation of the AWGB. We have awarded grants of £300 each to 37 clubs so they can organise a turning related day to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the AWGB. All these events are open to the public but some will require tickets to be purchased in advance. Details of these events can be found on the birthday bash page.

The Art of Wellness

We were sent some information about a free online course. Some of you may find parts of it of interest.

In “The Art of Wellness” students will learn how visual art practices are used in expressive therapies, community healthcare initiatives, and enhancing community health benefits. Central to the learning are many hands-on visual arts activities aimed at introducing the key principles of visual arts based practices in healthcare. The short course takes students around 6 hours to complete.

The link to the free course is:

Andy Coates’ Workshop Destroyed by Fire

There is never a good time of year for something like this but sadly, Andy Coates’ (our former chairman) workshop was destroyed by fire, apparently caused by an electrical fault in the building wiring. Andy is still sifting through the charred remains, salvaging what he can but the likelihood is that most if not all the equipment he had will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the workshop wasn’t insured but some kindhearted friends have set up a crowd funding page to help Andy rebuild his workshop and his livelihood. If you are able to donate, here’s a link to the page



As another fund raiser, an auction of donated pieces is being organised so if you are able to donate a piece of your work to sell, contact us ( and we will pass on your offer.

Watch this space for further developments…

First Overseas Approved Tutor

Since the launch of the “Lets Teach Turning” training package, it has reached many far away places.

On the 10th November we had our first overseas member to attain the Tutor badge. Lodovico Grippa from Milano, Italy flew from Milan to Bristol for his Tutor Assessment. The assessment took place at the Max Cary Trust in Portishead, Bristol with Stuart Bradfield assessing.

Lodovico instructing his “pupil” during the assessment.

We are very pleased to say Lodovico passed the assessment and should receive his badge and certificate by post shortly.

We all know that there are a number of associations that use our course as a basis, but it is a first for an overseas member to travel for assessment.

AWGB at Axminster Warrington

The AWGB (Dave Atkinson, Adam Evans and Russell Gibbs) will be making shavings this Saturday the 30th October at Axminster Tools, Warrington. They will be happy to discuss any questions that you may have either about turning, or the organisation in general. Drop in and see what they are up to!