Talking Turning Zoom Sessions

We have a number of turners who have agreed to give us a guided tour of their workshop, a talk about what they make and a Q & A session too. These are all free of charge to anyone wanting to participate and you can connect from almost any internet enabled device using the link below. It’s the same link for every meeting.

Meeting ID: 972 4429 8850
Password: 042020

The meetings are at 7:30pm BST every Tuesday and Friday evening.

The line up so far –

Friday, May 22nd 7.30 Chris Parker 8.30 Phil Irons
Tuesday 26th May 7.30 Jeff Hornung 8.30 Rick Dobney
Friday 29th May, 7.30 Michael Wilson, 8.30 Lupe Neilsen
Tuesday June 2nd, 7.30 Ronald G. Cambell 8.30 Martin Clarkson
Friday June 5th, 7.30 Andrew Hall AKA The Hat Man. 8.30 Kade Bolger
Tuesday June 9th, The colourful Ed Oliver 8.30 Jon Simpson
Friday June 12th, Jimmy Clewes 7.30
Tuesday June 16th, 7.30 Matthias Bachofen Beer 8.30 Gary Lowe
Friday June 19th, Emma Cook (TBC) 7.30pm
Tuesday June 23rd, Colwin Way 7.30pm

There will also be an extra session on Thursday 14th May at 7:30pm BST with a technical talk on what is needed for remote demonstrations and Zoom sessions followed by Q&A.

Most of these sessions will be available online a few days after the event. Details elsewhere on the website.