Let’s Teach Turning

We have designed and written the “Lets Teach Turning” course to give turners who give tuition some assistance in teaching the basics of woodturning at training workshops, club events such as hands on evenings or other events. This course will vary between each person, but you should expect it to take between 2-3 hours which can be split amongst multiple sessions. By allowing cookies on this website, your progress will be saved.

Whilst this course can be viewed on a mobile or tablet, you will have the best experience on a desktop.


Instructor Assessment

On completion of the self paced course, AWGB members have the opportunity to attend an assessment day where their teaching abilities will be assessed and if successful they will be awarded the AWGB Approved Tutor badge and a certificate. Completion of the course is a pre-requisite to attending the assessment day.

The details of the assessment days will be added here when they are available.


If you would like to apply for any of the venues listed or you would like to request an assessment in your area, application forms for the assessment can be downloaded here or you can complete the online form.