AWGB Register of Remote Demonstrators

The register of remote demonstrators is compiled as a service to our clubs and individual members. Anyone can apply to be added to the list but the AWGB reserve the right to decline any application received or to remove any existing person registered.

The AWGB is keen to uphold and promote best practice for safety. All applicants will be vetted to ensure the content broadcast demonstrates and encourages safe turning practices, appropriate use of personal protective equipment, machinery, tools and equipment etc. Where an application is declined we will provide feedback explaining why the decision was made.

If we receive complaints about demonstrators listed on the register, we will review their practices and may either suggest remedial actions or remove them from the list.

If you would like to apply, please complete the form below. We don’t maintain a list of prices, it’s up to you to inform anyone interested if you charge for your services.

We don’t charge for inclusion on our register but donations are appreciated to enable us to continue our work.


  • Please provide a link to a recording of one of your live demonstrations or videos.
  • Data protection: This form has to be completed in full before your details can be published on the web site. Your details will be kept on record all the time that you remain on the register or until you tell us to change or delete them. We won't publish your email address or phone number. Those are just so we can contact you. Please tick the box below if you agree.