Show & Tell

Show and tell is a way for you to share your material to our members of the AWGB and be part of a bit of friendly competition. We will set a project, style, or theme for you to produce each month. The winner will receive a £50 voucher (not redeemable for cash) for one of our corporate suppliers which will vary month by month. There are a number of elements that will be judged to find the winner by a panel of AWGB volunteers and the corporate supplier.

The full rules and information on our monthly Show & Tell competition are here.

January 2021:

Valentine’s Day – how could you incorporate that theme into wood turning? Engraving cupid, different wood coloured hearts, red colouring? You decide. It may even stop you forgetting to get that special someone something special this year!

Prize: G&S Specialist Timber £50 voucher and £50 of blanks.

February 2021:

Natural Edge – Whether it be a bowl, vase, or a whole host of other creations, the name of the game this month is to make something with a live/natural edge on a part of a piece. Instead of making this a feature on the rim of a bowl, how about trying it as a feature on a bead? How about including some segmented turning as part of it? The limit is your imagination (and how much bark you have).

Prize: Stiles & Bates £50 voucher and £50 of blanks.

March 2021:

Green wood warping – The end of March is typically the end of the copiccing season. This months theme tasks you to use green wood and use the drying process to create interest. Hats can be made this way by controlling the drying process. What spin can you put on it?

Prize: Turners Retreat £50 voucher plus a further £50 of voucher by Turners Retreat.

April 2021:

Technique focus – Pyrography

A wonderful facet of woodturning decoration coming from pyro- meaning fire and -graphy which means related to writing. Will you use the Beltane Fire Festival as inspiration? How about Volcanoes? There are some fantastically creative things you can do, so what will you do to stand out from the competition?

Deadline for entries is the 31st April.

Prizes £100 total voucher for Chestnut products. Chestnut will add a £50 pound voucher in addition to the £50 voucher supplied by the AWGB,

May 2021:

Turned Furniture

Function, form or a bit of both? We want to see what furniture you can make with your turning skills. With summer around the corner, will you spring for a few more stools for the garden? Do you want to try your hand at a pair of lamps? Or will you start an heirloom collection? How are you going to tackle it?
Deadline for entries is the 31st May.
Prize – £200 total voucher for Simon Hope Products. Simon Hope will add a £150 pound voucher in addition to the £50 voucher supplied by the AWGB.

June 2021:

Toys with moveable parts

We’re sure that you have all made something at some stage for a child and seen the joy that it brings. Whether that be a baby rattle, a toy car, a skittles set – the list goes on!

Deadline for entries is the 30th June.

Prize – £100 total voucher for Yandles. Yandles will add a £50 pound voucher in addition to the £50 voucher supplied by the AWGB.

July 2021:
July’s Theme – Simplicity 
National Simplicity day (yes, it’s a thing!) is happening in July, which has lead to this month theme of simplicity. We are looking for good from, simple design and excellent execution. No colour, resin, pyrography or such. We’re going back to the key fundamentals of a piece of wood becoming something simple yet effective. Will it be a bowl, vase, candle stick, spurtle? The choice is yours.

Deadline for entries is the 31st July.

Prize – £75 total voucher for Brandon Bespoke Oils & Waxes. Brandon Bespoke Oils & Waxes will kindly add £25 to the £50 AWGB voucher.

August 2021:
August’s Theme – Baroque Inspired 
In contrast to July’s theme, we look at the other end of the spectrum of being highly ornate and detailed. Here we are looking for a piece with many different elements that work together to form a whole. Will you put Bellarmine’s chapel dome pyrographed into a bowl? How about a lamp body with a 100 beads? A uniquely segmented pen? We can’t wait to see what you produce!
Prize – £100 total voucher from Whyaye Wood. Whyaye Wood will kindly add £50 to the £50 AWGB voucher.

September 2021:
September’s Theme – The month of harvest
Apples, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes – we want to see an inedible feast! Use this month to practice your fruit turning skills, or develop them further and try to make a basket of veg. Try to push yourself to have a collection of items to show for your month of harvesting shavings.

Prize –  £100 total voucher from Classic Hand Tools Classic Hand Tools will kindly add £50 to the £50 AWGB voucher.

October 2021:
October’s theme – Halloween 
Double, Double turn and trouble, lathes burn and oils bubble.Are you scared yet? How will you turn all Hallow’s eve in a piece of wood? A new way to carve a pumpkin? Perhaps a candelabra? Or even a ghost?!
Prize £50 voucher with Beaufort Ink, they will also kindly donate a Beall – 4 inch buffing kit with the voucher.