October Show and Tell

October’s theme – Halloween 
Double, Double turn and trouble, lathes burn and oils bubble.Are you scared yet? How will you turn all Hallow’s eve in a piece of wood? A new way to carve a pumpkin? Perhaps a candelabra? Or even a ghost?!

Prize £50 voucher with Beaufort Ink, they will be also donating a Beall – 4 inch buffing kit. 

Graham Brooks

My offering this month is a turned, carved and coloured pumpkin. The overall size is approximately 95mm diameter by 130mm high.

The piece is made from Lime. The basic shape was turned and hollowed in the form of a box. The external shape was then carved using hand tools and some rotary burrs in a micro motor followed by power and hand sanding. The piercing was cut initially with hand tools and finished with rotary burrs and sanding.  

The exterior was coloured using Chestnuts spirit stains applied with an airbrush to blend colours and shade. Final finish was Chestnuts acrylic satin lacquer.

The alternating light is a battery operated unit as supplied by Woodart Products.