August 2021 Show and Tell

August’s Theme – Baroque inspired 
In contrast to July’s theme, we look at the other end of the spectrum of being highly ornate and detailed. Here we are looking for a piece with many different elements that work together to form a whole. Will you put Bellarmine’s chapel dome pyrographed into a bowl? How about a lamp body with a 100 beads? A uniquely segmented pen? We can’t wait to see what you produce!
Prize – £100 total voucher from Whyaye Wood. Whyaye Wood will kindly add £50 to the £50 AWGB voucher. 
Winner – Graham Brooks

Graham Brooks

After some thought and viewing images etc. I decided to turn and submit a version of a lidded chalice for this month’s submission. The overall dimensions are 150mm high by 73mm diameter.

The chalice was turned from sycamore.

The external finish is several coats of JoSonja pale gold metallic acrylic paint over black ebonising lacquer which I hope gives an ‘aged’ look. The internal finish is microcrystalline wax over sanding sealer.

The base and lid were both turned between centres and then fitted into a four jaw chuck for hollowing. The base was parted off on completion partly with a skew chisel to provide a smooth finish for sanding. The lid was held in a jam chuck to complete the ogee and small onion finial. The fluting to the base produced with a small router cutter, the router being held in a Paul Howard jig.