Purpleheart Bowl – Revolutions article

An article about the turning of a Purpleheart Bowl was included in the last issue of the Revoloutions Newsletter. In the article it mentions that the bowl blank was “Trued Up” using a Spindle Roughing Gouge, this was an oversight on our part as it was not picked up before publishing. We at the AWGB in no way condone or recommend the use of this tool for this purpose in fact quite the opposite. The article was written by a young member and we should aim to guide him away from this practice in a kind and understanding way, which we will do. I find it refreshing that Harry, a sixteen year old, took the time to produce the article and only wish that others would do likewise in order to give the Newsletter more content, well done Harry Rodwell.

In fact on the same page as the article is a request for more Volunteers to help run your Association, with more help we might be able to spot these issues before they escalate, remember we on the Executive are all volunteers.
Regards Russell Gibbs [Chairman]