AWGB Woodturning Videos

We have a selection of videos of interactive remote demonstrations we have hosted and of some of our “Talking Turning” sessions in which a turner gives a guided tour of their workshop and talks about their work.


Paul HannabyHow to turn a goblet with a twist stem
Phil IronsHow to make a turner's mallet
Pat CarrollHow to make best use of your wood
Colwin WayHow to turn a thin walled natural edge vessel
Harvey MeyerHow to turn a platter

Talking Turning

April 28 2020David Atkinson Workshop Tour
April 28 2020Helen Bailey Workshop Tour
May 1 2020Rebecca DeGroot Workshop Tour
May 12 2020Harvey Meyer Workshop Tour
May 14 2020Paul Hannaby - Remote Demos technical talk
May 15 2020Ligia Rodrigues
May 15 2020Paul Starr & Chris
May 19 2020Brian Flood
May 19 2020Richard Kennedy
May 22 2020Chris Parker
May 22 2020Phil Irons
May 26 2020Jeff Hornung
May 26 2020Rick Dobney
May 29 2020Lupe Nielseon
May 29 2020Mike Wilson
June 2 2020Ron Campbell
June 2 2020Martin Clarkson
June 5 2020Jon Simpson
June 9 2020Kade Bolger
June 12 2020Colin Spencer
June 16 2020Matthias Bachofen Beer