AWGB Woodturning Videos

We have a selection of videos of interactive remote demonstrations we have hosted and of some of our “Talking Turning” sessions in which a turner gives a guided tour of their workshop and talks about their work.


Paul HannabyHow to turn a goblet with a twist stem
Phil IronsHow to make a turner's mallet
Pat CarrollHow to make best use of your wood
Colwin WayHow to turn a thin walled natural edge vessel
Harvey MeyerHow to turn a platter

Talking Turning

April 28 2020David Atkinson Workshop Tour
April 28 2020Helen Bailey Workshop Tour
May 1 2020Rebecca DeGroot Workshop Tour
May 12 2020Harvey Meyer Workshop Tour
May 14 2020Paul Hannaby - Remote Demos technical talk
May 15 2020Ligia Rodrigues
May 15 2020Paul Starr & Chris
May 19 2020Brian Flood
May 19 2020Richard Kennedy
May 22 2020Chris Parker
May 22 2020Phil Irons
May 26 2020Jeff Hornung
May 26 2020Rick Dobney
June 2 2020Ron Campbell
June 2 2020Martin Clarkson
June 5 2020Jon Simpson
June 12 2020Colin Spencer