Subject Creator Complete
General Guidance    
 Insurance guidance/contacts Peter / Mike
 Covid guidance Paul  3/3/21
Data protection guidance Paul  14/3/21
Club member recruitment guidance/support Brian Mouat  
How to become a charity Mike  
How to do accounts Mike  
Club related forms (move from general forms/docs page) Colin  
H&S guidance – dust, eye/face protection, fractal burning, hazardous woods, fire safety etc. (link to existing guides) Colin  
Difference between club types and benefits/grants Derek  
AWGB handbook (link to existing document) Colin  
AWGB Support    
Regional Reps Contact details & what your rep can do for you. Colin  
Hint & tips on restarting Clubs after Covid.  Paul  14/3/21
Club startup guide Derek & Colin  
Child protection policy (part of handbook) Derek  
Guidance on club Constitution and Rules contents (part of startup pack) Derek  
Training partnerships with clubs (WIP) Kyle  
Instructor Training Kyle  
Mentoring guide Kyle & Brian Mouat  
Online Meetings    
Using Zoom to retain members Paul  14/3/21
What’s required for IRD’s Colin  
Offer of assistance to design and set up equipment for IRd’s/Zoom Paul  14/3/21
Trial Zoom sessions via AWGB licence Paul  14/3/21
Web & Social Media    
Setting up a website & email address, hosting etc. Colin  
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) Kyle  
Interactive groups (Telegram, WhatsApp etc.) Paul  14/3/21
Online forums Colin / Paul