Ray Key Tribute Collaboration – Update

After Ray Key passed away, his wife, Liz, with some help from Reg Hawthorne and Paul Hannaby, found quite a number of part turned items in his workshop. After discussion with the AWGB Executive it was agreed, following the example of the Pablo Nemzoff and Tony Boase collaborations, that these pieces would be sent to a number of internationally renowned turners to finish in their own style. The resulting pieces will be exhibited and later sold. The proceeds from the sale will be divided between Liz Key and the AWGB. As well as the exhibition we also intend to produce an illustrated book of the finished pieces.

Such was the sphere of influence of Ray, the project has resulted in 111 turners from five continents agreeing to take part in the collaboration and pieces being posted out to them (which was a mammoth task in itself and certainly kept Paul’s local post master busy!). Already some very impressive pieces have started to be returned.

All the pieces will be photographed and displayed on the AWGB website in advance of the three week exhibition at Nature in Art, Gloucester from the 2nd to the 21st of July.

The turners collaborating with the project are:


Andrew Hall
Andy Coates
Angus Cline
Bob Chapman
Carlyn Lindsay
Colwin Way
Dave Appleby
Dave Regester
David Springett
David Woodward
Dennis Hales
Don White
Eleanor Lakelin
Gary Rance
Jason Breach
Jay Heryet
Joey Richardson
John Boyne-Aitken
Jules Tattersall
Kevin Hutson
Les Thorne
Louise Hibbert
Margaret Garrard
Mark Baker
Mark Hancock
Mark Sanger
Mary Ashton
Melvyn Firmager
Mick Hanbury
Mick O’Donnell
Nick Agar
Paul Hannaby
Phil Irons
Reg Hawthorne
Richard Kennedy
Rosemary Wright
Roy Weare
Sally Burnett
Simon Hope
Stuart King
Stuart Mortimer
Tracy Owen
Trevor Lucky


Andrew Potocnik
Guilio Marcolongo
Neil Turner
Richard Raffan
Terry Martin


Andre Martel
Art Liestman
Marilyn Campbell
Mike Hosaluk
Stephen Hogbin


Benoit Averly
Jean-Francois Escoulen
Joss Naigeon
Pascal Oudet


Hans Weissflog


Nikos Siragas


Ambrose O’Halloran
Ciaran Forbes
Emmet Kane
Glenn Lucas
Joe Laird
Liam O’Neil
Max Brosi
Robert O’Connor
Roger Bennett
Seamus Cassidy
Willie Creighton


Eli Avisera


Marcel Van Berkel

New Zealand

Rolly Munro
Terry Scott

South Africa

John Wessells


Pepe Lopez-Rubio


Al Stirt
Alan & Mary Lacer
Andi Wolfe
Betty Scarpino
Bonnie Klein
Christian Burchard
Cindy Drozda
Curt Theobald
Cynthia Carden Gibson
David Ellsworth
Dick Sing
Graeme Priddle
Hayley Smith
Jaques Vesery
Joe Seltzer
Johannes Michelsen
John Jordan
Keith Gotschall
Keith Tompkins
Kelly Dunn
Kirk Deheer
Kurt Hertzog
Linda Ferber
Mark Sfirri
Merryl Saylan
Michael Gibson
Mike Mahoney
Mike Nish
Mike Scott
Molly Winton
Nick Cook
Sharon Doughtie
Stuart Batty
Tom Wirsing