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Bauble for tree
« on: December 15, 2023, 10:41:36 AM »
A seasonal item of possible interest.  This is turned as a series of separate concentric rings using a 6mm 'captive ring' tool (see picture), starting from a disk held between centres.  The rings are not captive of course but are held on the lathe - useful to hold them away from the piece with masking tape as they separate, whilst the next ring is made.  The larger (~130mm) set in the foreground is of oak and not well finished - done as a quick piece at the club Christmas do!  The neater walnut background piece is better finished and includes features like a central tree and hanging bell. 

The cleaned-up rings are tied with a ribbon with a knot between each ring. The result is decorative with perhaps an astronomical feel! 

The rings are about 7mm thick and could probably be made of any hardwood - they are more robust than they look and quite easy to make.  The insides of the rings were cleaned with a knife and sandpaper.