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BCT Supercut II
« on: January 31, 2011, 04:33:50 PM »
I had a student today who booked a day hollowing as he was having problems with hollowing and a tool he had bought for the job. When he arrived he was clutching a tool I haven't used, a BCT Supercut II. I have an original BCT tool, but it's 5ft long and only used for large forms. This much smaller version was new to me, and also came with a shielded cutter similar to the Hamlet Brother range. So we set off to see where he was going wrong.

Before I could see what he was doing I thought it was common sense to have a try myself so I could see how the tool likes to work. No surprises. It works just like its much larger stable mate, but obviously for smaller forms. So we could start in ernest and soon he was cutting correctly and with confidence.

So the tool...

Now owned and developed by, the tool has been redesigned and improved. There are (seemingly) three different varients, ring cutter, shielded cutter, and pick-style (I didn't try the pick but would expect it to work as well as picks do). The version I tried today was the supercut II which also had the shielded cutter to try. Both cut very well indeed, and for such a small tool remove a lot of wood quickly. Toolpost declare this as a bowl hollowing tool, but it performed very well in  an 8" hollowform with shoulders. The head can be off-set for working around corners.

I have to say that I was very impressed with both heads, and think it's an ideal tool for those wishing to try smaller hollowforms, and with the added advantage of being capable of bowl hollowing as well.

And when compared to some other hollowers the price is great.

Well worth a look if you are after a small hollowing tool. It's on my list of tools I'd like but don't strictly need!