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Woodturning Workshop for Sale
« on: April 06, 2021, 02:37:39 PM »
I am having to give up woodturning because of my health and consequently all my equipment is up for sale and  I would like to sell it as one lot. As you can tell from the listing I spent more time making pens than anything else.

Jet JWL1221VS Variable speed lathe with stand, only light use.
Record CL3 Lathe some corrosion starting to show some corrosion due to lack of use.
Record CL3B Bowl turning attachment.
Record RPLB24-48 Lathe stand.
Record DS300 Disc sander needs new sanding discs.
Axminster Dust Extractor.
Record 6 Inch Bench grinder with sharpening jig.
Record 8 Inch Bench grinder adapted for use with Tru Grind sharpening system.

45 x Woodturning Chisels.
2 x Oneway Talon chuck for Jet Lathe.
Oneway 2678 Flat jaws.
Oneway 3016 Spigot jaws.
Oneway 2027B Four prong spigot spur.
ARC Collet chuck for Jet Lathe.
Record Forstner bit set.
Record Forstner bit extension pieces.
Record spindle oil for CL3.
Record spare bearing set for CL3 (bought for an old Coronet lathe but fits CL3)
Axminster sharpening jig.
Henry Taylor sharpening templates.
Woodcut Tru Grind sharpening system.
Pen Turning Equipment
Beall Pen Wizard (never used)
Loads of different drill bits and bushings for many different types of pen.
Complete set of DNS pen making equipment including instructions, some in german.
Milescraft pen press.
Axminster pen barrel trimmer.
2 x Pen blank drilling vice.
PSI Pen blank drilling chuck with adaptor for Jet Lathe.
2 x Axminster compression mandrels, one for each lathe.
PSI Pen mandrel saver for CL3.
Oneway 3673 Pen turning point.
Lots of different live centres etc for bot lathes.

Equipment for Selling Pens
7 x PSI PKStand 12 Pen display stands.
10 x PSI PKStand 1 Fountain pen display.
2 x PSI PKStand 8 Flat packed pen stands.
4 x Axminster pen stands.
Various other single pen stands.
4 x PSI PKBox 8R redwood pen display box.
6 x PSI PKBox 8B Black pen display box.
18 x Velvet pen boxes
Kaweco Fantasy ball point pen kit.
Kaweco Fantasy fountain pen kit.
8 x Pen carrying cases.
25 x Leatherette pen sleeves.

Thin Wall Turning by Binh Pho
Surface Design on Thin Wall Turning by Binh Pho
Turning Pens with Kip & Rex Vol 1
Turning Pens with Kip & Rex Vol 2
Turning Boxes by Richard Raffan
Hand Applied Finishing by David Barron
Learn French Polishing by David Savage
The Gisi Segmenting Technique by Mark Gisi
First Steps in Woodturning by Chris Stott
Turning Boxes by Chris Stott
Turning Bowls by Chris Stott
Inlaid & Novelty Boxes by Chris Stott
Cutting & Sharpening by Chris Stott
Finishing by Chris Stott
Basic Off Centre Turning by Chris Stott
Decorative Effects & Colouring by Chris Stott
Natural Edges & Hollow Forms by Chris Stott

Woodturning Books
Pen & Pencil Projects by Walter Hall
Pens from The Wood Lathe by Dick Sing
Penturners Workbook by Barry Gross
Turning Modified Slimline Pens by Don Ward
The Penturners Bible by Richard Kleinhenz
Unique & Unusual Pens by Dick Sing
Turning Pens & Pencils by Kip and Rex
The Penturners Workbook by Barry Gross
Turned Boxes by Various
Turned Boxes 50 Designs by Chris Stott
A Guide to Work Holding on the Lathe by Fred Holder
The Frugal Woodturner by Ernie Canover
The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin
The Art of Segmented Woodturning by Malcolm Tibbetts
Learn to Turn by Barry Gross
Turning Green Wood by Michael O’Donnell
Decorative Techniques for Woodturners by Hilary Bowen
The Wood Finishers Handbook by Sam Allen
New Masters of Woodturning by Martin & Wallace
Turning Bowls by Richard Raffan
2 x Turning Boxes by Richard Raffan
Turning Wood by Richard Raffan
Woodturner by Bert Marsh
Woodturning by Keith Rowley
The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan
Carving on Turning by Chris Pye
Segmented Turning by Dennis Keeling
Woodturning Master Class by Tony Boase
Masters of Woodturning by Various
400 Boxes by Various
Understanding Wood by R Bruce Hoadley
Identifying Wood by R Bruce Hoadley

Loads of pen turning blanks, mostly British woods including brown oak, burr oak and rippled maple. Plus some exotic woods and acrylics.
Loads of spindle turning blanks including guarea, plane, chestnut, bubinga, burr yew, sycamore, purpleheart, beech and wenge.
2 x Yew logs
Chunk of burr oak
Some burr elm
Chunk of river floated myrtle

Festool OF 1010 EBQ-Plus Router (1/4")
Trend CDJ600 Dovetail Jig
Trend CDJ600/01 Template
Trend CDJ600/05 Template

£2000 for everything

The buyer will need to collect, I live in Caithness in the north of Scotland but I am happy to hang on to it until the lockdowns ease should you be serious about buying.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. 

Many thanks


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Re: Woodturning Workshop for Sale
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2021, 07:23:45 PM »
Bargain for someone , Not me tho as you are 680 miles away  ;D
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Re: Woodturning Workshop for Sale
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2021, 08:34:01 PM »
It would be a nice day out!

Thanks for looking though.