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Wivamac DB1000 vario
« on: October 16, 2020, 03:08:44 PM »
Hi All
This lathe is about 15 years old but has had fairly light use over that period.  The standard DB1000 has a 1hp motor but mine has the 2hp motor fitted. It also comes with the bowl turning attachment so that much larger bowls can be turned with the headstock rotated through 90 degrees. One of the photo's shows the bowl turning attachment (which tucks under the main bed when not in use).  The control box is resting on the floor in the photo's but it can be bolted to the left hand leg or to a convenient wall.  I had it bolted to the wall in front of me so that the controls were more readily to hand.  Speed changes are achieved via 4 belt settings and an electronic control to vary the speeds for each belt setting. It has a built in indexing system.  I am looking for £1250 ono.  It would need to be collected from Hythe (Kent).