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Axminster M900 lathe and ancilliaries
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:25:04 PM »
Axminster M 900 Woodturning lathe complete with 2 off 4 prong centres, 2 live centres, ½ inch Steb centre, screw chuck, drill chuck, Axminster K10 Clubman chuck with 25/38/50 O’Donnell jaws, small and large gripper jaws, 8  inch button jaws. Peter Child Master chuck.
The lathe is 16 years old and runs a little noisy but works fine. .I've found it's suitable for a wide range of smaller items e. g. bowls under 12 inches diameter (although head does rotate), boxes, vases, small hollow forms, and the like.  It would be ideal for someone starting out who wants to see what they can do before purchasing a much heavier and more expensive lathe. Or someone who just wants a back up lathe for suitable work.  It has manual variable speed control.
Plus range of woodturning chisels and other woodturning related items
Am happy to negotiate price depending on what is required.
Buyer to collect from just south of Cambridge