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Core !
« on: October 09, 2019, 06:58:00 PM »
The lathe has been very quiet for a few months now but has just been woken up. I had a problem with wanting to core a piece of monkey puzzle but in order for the core to have the end grain roundels as well, I could only take a straight cut rather than a curved one (using the big McNaughton coring system). So I hit on the idea of taking a second core inside the first one and then used a cranked hollowing tool to cut through from the inside of the first core at its base. Normally a "lampshade" happens when I go through the bottom of a bowl. This one was purely intentional.  ;) A third core taken from inside the second one gave me a plug for the base of the first core which should match nicely as it is from the same initial blank. If the idea works I will post images of the finished items. At the moment the surfaces are straight from the bowl gouge and McNaughton cutter. Maybe this has been tried by others but it is new to me. I have sketched a cross section through what I did to help it make sense !
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