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The Thing!
« on: September 15, 2019, 06:10:29 PM »
This is another experiment, based on a demonstration last week at our club (I am ashamed to say I cannot remember the demonstrator's name!).  The technique involved gluing softwood blocks together with the traditional two layers of newspaper between, turning the outside (to become the inside), splitting along the newspaper line, inverting the blocks and re-gluing (properly) and then turning the outside.  I used 4x50mm square pieces with a neck turned on the outside so as to get a substantial space inside upon out-to-in 180 degree rotation of each of the 4 blocks. Glued to hang in this space on re-assembly is a plastic 'jewel' on a thin fishing line support. Then round the now square piece, hold in a chuck and drill holes in the base (22mm and 30mm) with Forstner bits to allow an LED tealight to be fitted into it. The only clever thing is that a plastic tube is inserted in the hole in the base, temporarily retained by a wooden plug that also provides a mount for the tailstock,  so as to hold the jewel in place whilst turning, to avoid its getting damaged.  See picture. 

Aesthetically I would have liked bigger 'windows' in the final piece, but wanted to retain the jewel-will-not-go-through-windows puzzle aspect.

I note that even with some care the windows are not identical.

After the demo sharp tools and high speed reduce splintering.

Final piece 190mm high, 95mm dia. Currently smoothed but no finish - it may end up waxed!

What is it?  Well a 'Thing' - obviously!