Author Topic: Change of AWGB chairman and vice chairman  (Read 2943 times)

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Change of AWGB chairman and vice chairman
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:16:34 PM »
Our chairman, Dave Atkinson, runs his own business and in recent months has found the demands on his time from that have been increasing, making it difficult to find time to attend to the affairs of the AWGB. With this in mind, Dave has decided to step down as chairman with effect from the end of December. Our vice chairman, Sam Webber, has also decided to step down at the same time. He was "persuaded" to stay on the executive longer than he had planned and is taking this opportunity to escape! Both Dave and Sam will be also resigning as trustees.
The officer posts (chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer) are chosen from within the existing trustees by the trustees and that selection process has culminated with Paul Hannaby being elected as chairman and Russell Gibbs being elected as vice chairman. These appointments will be taken up from January 1st 2018. We will also be co-opting two new members of the executive to fill the vacant posts. Paul Middleton will replace Paul Hannaby as webmaster and data manager and Roger Cutler will replace Russell Gibbs as trade and business liaison officer.
The AWGB executive would like to thank Dave and Sam for their contributions and hard work over the years they have been involved with the running of the AWGB. The AWGB wouldn't have become the organisation it is today without their input.

To summarise, the changes from January 1st 2018 are:
Chairman: Paul Hannaby -
Vice chairman: Russell Gibbs -
Webmaster & data manager: Paul Middleton -
Trade & business liaison: Roger Cutler -