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For Sale Guidelines
« on: March 17, 2017, 12:37:57 PM »
For Sale - Rules for this sub-forum

The AWGB make no guarantee as to the suitability of any item being sold on this forum. It is up to the buyer to ascertain the suitability of anything they buy and to ensure the seller is genuine.

What can be sold – items relating to woodturning or woodworking tools, equipment, materials or supplies. Wanted posts can also be added for relevant items.
Who can sell – any forum member.
Trade adverts should be limited to one per month and must be for turning or woodworking related items and the seller should make it clear they are a trader.

Ownership – any post should make it clear if items offered for sale are not directly owned by the person posting. For example, posts made on behalf of a friend or family member.

Approximate location should be included and whether the item will be delivered or for collection only.

Posting in this forum is limited to items for sale by the seller. Replies by others to for sale posts should only be made to request further information or clarification. Posts disagreeing with prices are not permitted either in this sub-forum or elsewhere on the forum. If the seller has overpriced an item for sale, nobody is going to buy it!

If any member suspects a post is in breach of the guidelines, they should report it to the moderators. The moderators will remove any post they think is unsuitable without warning.

We request that sellers update the topic when items have been sold.

Breaches of the above guidelines may result in forum privileges being revoked or limited.

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