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HCA/QEST Apprenticeship
« on: July 13, 2016, 12:47:26 PM »
I received this email today (see below). If you know anyone who could benefit please point them at this opportunity.  This a Heritage Crafts Association initiative.  The AWGB is a member of the HCA but we are not involved in this particular scheme.

Dear David
The HCA is working with the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust to offer an apprenticeship bursary for up to £18,000 (average £7,000).  The deadline for applications is 4th August 2016.
This is a chance for one of your members or someone linked to your organisation to learn your craft and be supported.

The opportunity is for those already in ‘entry-level’ work as an apprentice with a master craftsperson or craft business. QEST are looking for well thought out proposals which will contribute to the excellence of modern and traditional British crafts.
Full details and an application form can be found at
Important: for the HCA/QEST Apprenticeship, applicants should mention on the application form that they are applying through the HCA.

Please do let your members know about this great opportunity as soon as you can.

Best wishes

Sally Morgan
Administrator, Heritage Crafts Association

Contact:         Sally Morgan
Twitter:           @heritage_crafts