AGM & Covid-19

After considering the current state of affairs and the likelihood of a rapid escalation of the number of cases of the Covid-19 virus within the UK we have decided to scale down the AGM to the minimum permissible in the interests of our members.

We are obliged to hold the AGM before the end of the fourth month after closure of our annual accounts (before the end of April) so we can’t just cancel it. However, we can minimise attendance and business carried out to the prescribed minimum and hold an additional general meeting later in the year when things have returned to normality.

The AGM will be held on the advertised date of the 29th of March at 1pm at the chairman’s home address – Windrush, High Street, Drybrook GL17 9ET. We will ensure at least the minimum of six people to form a quorum are present. Any member is entitled to attend the AGM but due to the unprecedented circumstances, we would prefer members to stay away and to defer any non-urgent business to the general meeting later in the year. If you absolutely must attend, please contact the chairman to make arrangements

The business which will be conducted at the AGM is:

To receive the Treasurer’s report on the financial affairs of the Charity and the accounts of the Charity for the previous financial year;

to receive the Chairman’s written report on the Charity’s activities;

to receive the result of any ballot for the appointment of Trustees.

to vote on the appointment of accountants or auditors for the Charity;

to deal with any other business

The financial report, chairman’s report and minutes will be published in the next issue of Revolutions and will be presented at the general meeting later in the year.