AGM Covid-19 Update

Since our earlier change of plans, the situation and advice has moved on an we are now faced with not being able to hold a face to face meeting even with a limited number of people.

Our alternative is to hold the AGM electronically using Webex. To use this, you will need a device with an internet connection and you will need to send an email to with “AGM” as the title. You will then receive an email invitation to the AGM. You will need to click on the link within the email to join the meeting at 1pm on Sunday the 29th of March. The AGM will be as brief as possible, covering only the items prescribed in the articles. We will arrange a general meeting once things return to normality to provide a forum for clubs and members as usual.

We hope you understand our reasons for this change. We are doing what we can to work with the current advice and to keep our members safe.

There are apps available for most types of tablet and plugins for web browsers.

We are unable to provide technical support if you have difficulties in using your chosen device to connect to the meeting.