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Wood Swap Guidelines
« on: February 20, 2019, 10:17:48 AM »
Here are the guidelines for this section -

  •     Any member participating in wood swaps do so at their own risk and needs to satisfy themselves the person they negotiate with is genuine and trustworthy. This forum is open to anyone interested in woodturning and the AWGB is unable to offer any guarantee.
  •     Any swaps are handled between the individuals involved
  •     Anyone abusing the facility will be excluded from further involvement. Please contact one of the forum administrators in the event of a complaint.
  •     Sales of timber and blanks must be posted under the for sale section.
  •     If wood is exchanged by post / courier, it's up to those involved to negotiate payment for delivery (in cash or wood!). No other costs should be added. If you want to add other charges, then it belongs under the for sale section.
  •     Giveaways of wood can also be listed here subject to the above.
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