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Gallery / Re: A Sycamore hollow form & Jo Sonja paints
« Last post by Mike313 on November 16, 2019, 02:11:44 PM »
Very eye-catching :)
May I ask, (these may be silly questions) how did you prepare the surface for the paint, did you have to 'prime' it in any way? And did you apply any clear finish over the paint?
The combination of colours you used compliment each other well :)
Gallery / Re: A Sycamore hollow form & Jo Sonja paints
« Last post by Martin Lawrence on November 16, 2019, 12:58:34 PM »

  Hi Steve,

good result, looks like you used the Cling film approach now just experiment and try other techniques, dab with a sponge, finger tip, wipe over with a feather and anything else you can think of.  All give different effects.

Cheers Martin.
General Discussion / Re: Hi newbie question
« Last post by Twisted Trees on November 15, 2019, 10:53:16 PM »
No need, just turn it into shavings and sawdust then it is easier to get rid of ;)
General Discussion / Re: Hi newbie question
« Last post by piper1 on November 15, 2019, 08:34:17 PM »
Just remember you do not need EVERY bit of wood you see. ::)

O eck i think i better put some back
General Discussion / Re: Hi newbie question
« Last post by crazylegs on November 15, 2019, 06:21:05 PM »
Just remember you do not need EVERY bit of wood you see. ::)
Gallery / A Sycamore hollow form & Jo Sonja paints
« Last post by Steved on November 15, 2019, 06:17:54 PM »
This is my first attempt with the Jo Sonja iridescent paints on a hollow form. I used 3 of the colours and think I am reasonably pleased with the end result. All C&C welcome.
Gallery / One more show
« Last post by bodrighywood on November 15, 2019, 01:48:53 PM »
We have one  more show to go, a 5 day one at West Horsley. It's a pretty high ended affair so we need more expensive items as well as bread and butter. These will not be cheap due to the work in them and the woods used but they will attract attention at least. The hollow section is either sycamore or lime and the finials are macassar ebony. They range from 7" to 12" in length.

For Sale / Re: Sale of Vicmarc VL175 for sale/swap
« Last post by Wood spinner on November 15, 2019, 03:04:31 AM »
Fair point Wood spinner. I have done some quick research and I will ask £2000 which is a bargain for a hardly used VL 175. I assume your swap offer was deliberate cheekiness!

Yes indeed it was  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Need simple 32mm stair spindles turning please! (Crewe)
« Last post by seventhdevil on November 14, 2019, 08:26:11 PM »
i'd be happy to help even though i'd need them posted to me but more details are needed. i can turn up to 50".
For Sale / Vicmarc VL200 VCM Lathe and VM120 Chuck for sale
« Last post by petjack on November 14, 2019, 08:25:56 PM »
Vicmarc VL200vcm, (variable speed cabinet mounted) purchased new in 1999.
swing over bed 400mm
distance between centres 1000mm.
outboard turning diameter 900mm (possible with correct attachments not included)
24 hole indexing using spindle lock (I find the lock really easy to use and useful!)
Thread M30 x 3.5, No 2 Morse taper (head and tail stock)
Both Head and Tail stock spindles are bored.
This is a mechanical variable speed model, speeds 200 to 3000 rpm, although I don't currently get the full range as the belts have probably stretched. The lever on the front of the lathe controls the speed.
Reversing switch
Toolpost dia 1"
1.1 kw motor, 240V
total length 1510mm, width 400mm (footplate), centre height approx. 1100mm.
Weight is listed at 140Kg net but there is a sandbox which makes the lathe very stable (and heavy!) when it is full of sand. Can be bolted to floor.
Comes with 125mm faceplate, drive centre, live centre, standard toolrest, knockout bar.
The chuck which I will sell with the lathe is a Vicmarc VM120 with standard dovetail jaws.
I also have a new/unused set of 25mm jaws No VMJ25140 and used 45mm shark jaws no. VMJSP45140 which I will sell separately.
The lathe has only been used for my hobby use. The first 5 years of its life it was hardly used as I was travelling a lot and had no proper workshop. I have had no problems with it and it still works fine other than the speed range is probably not as specified anymore. I'm sure it could be adjusted though.

While the lathe works fine, no bearing problems as far as I can tell and the belts are still good,  it could be a good refurbishment project for somebody to add electronic variable speed and bring it back to as new condition.

I am asking £350 for the lathe and chuck with dovetail jaws.
Collection only, needs some strong people to transport it unless you dismantle it.
Feel free to contact me, Peter Jackson, if you have any questions or want to take a look.
See attached photos.
Location is TD9 8SG, near Hawick, Scottish Borders.
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